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Corporate branding: The importance of timely trademark registration

27 January 2016

Your brand

Standing out in a crowded marketplace is a business requirement for increased sales, profits and success. In short, your brand is the way your customer perceives you. Effective branding ensures that consumers have a clear understanding of the product’s quality, reliability and purpose.

Protecting your brand: Trademarks

Establishing a strong brand is pivotal to business success. Protecting that brand is equally important. Yet many businesses overlook an important first step in securing their brand: trademarks.

What are trademarks?

Trademarks are brand identifiers. They are the principal means by which a company can distinguish its goods or services from those of its competitors, develop its own unique 'brand image' and build up brand loyalty amongst consumers.

As such, trademarks lie at the heart of every business and are amongst company's most valuable assets.

Yet, majority of small and medium sized businesses fail to register their trademarks, thinking it wasn't important to their business, or due to lack of time, lack of understanding of how to do go about it, or cost.

Why should you register your trademarks?

It is vital that every business, however small, put in place an effective and proactive trademark clearance and registration strategy to ensure that its brands are properly protected, and that the use of those brands is not going to land them in trouble with other trademark owners. Ensuring that you are in a position to prevent others from using or registering trademarks that are the same or similar to yours is the key to maintaining a strong brand. Trademark registrations are also valuable, transferable assets, which can be used as negotiating tools in business transactions and as security for financial transactions.

Having a registered trademark increases your credibility in your market and, most importantly, enables you to prevent others from using your mark or a mark similar to yours in a manner that could harm your business. 

Have you already registered your trademarks?

Remember, it's not necessarily expensive to trademark something. However, if you don't register your trademark, someone else can register it and then you may find you are legally prevented from expanding your business. Also, with your trademarks registered, you are within your rights to take actions against any other parties who have attempted to register conflicting trademarks or are operating with conflicting brands and damaging your business.


For further information or help in developing or implementing your trademark protection strategy, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to guide you through the trademark selection and registration process and advise on all aspects of the protection and enforcement of your trademarks in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Macedonia.